This course, Writing Learning Outcomes, prepares learners to describe the characteristics of learning outcomes relevant to their organization and develop learning outcomes for continuous improvement of teaching and learning environments.  Learners will be able to explain the definition of a learning outcomes and why learning outcomes are important for teaching and learning and how learning outcomes are connected to other organizational goals.  In addition, learners will be able to articulate the three main components of a learning outcome, elicit content for these three components, and put the piece together for a complete learning outcome statement.  Finally, learners will acquire a foundation to establish a process for cyclically improving learning outcomes and ensuring that learning outcomes are as inclusive as possible. 

This course will take you approximately 4 hours to complete. A learner who explores the material in more depth will take approximately 5 hours and a learner who skims the course content will take 2 hours.

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‘First Generation’ - A formal definition of a first-generation college student is a student whose parent(s) did not complete a four-year college or university degree and who therefore has no immediate family role model for being a college student.
If each of the following were added as an outcome you were supposed to help your students achieve in each of the classes you teach, how well prepared do you feel you are right now to help students reach the indicated outcome?
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